Filming locations for the opening sequence

  1. Tony drives out of the NJ side (western end) of the Lincoln Tunnel.Lincoln Tunnel Go to location "Lincoln Tunnel"
  2. South end of the "Lincoln Tunnel Helix".Lincoln Tunnel Helix Go to location "Lincoln Tunnel Helix"
  3. View of Manhattan, as seen from the NJ Turnpike.Manhattan view from the Turnpike Go to location "Manhattan view from the Turnpike"
  4. "New Jersey Turnpike" signNew Jersey Turnpike sign Go to location "New Jersey Turnpike sign"
  5. View of the World Trade Center and rest of Manhattan in Tony's mirror.
    Starting with Season 4 (the first episodes since the 9/11 attacks), this shot was replaced with two different shots.
  6. This is the first shot that replaced the WTC shot, of an unknown bridge.
  7. This is the second shot that replaced the WTC shot, of some industry.
  8. Toll booth on the NJ TurnpikeNew Jersey Turnpike tollbooth Go to location "New Jersey Turnpike tollbooth"
  9. Signs over the NJ TurnpikeNJ Turnpike signs Go to location "NJ Turnpike signs"
  10. Double bridgeDouble bridge Go to location "Double bridge"
  11. View of the Goethals Bridge, as seen from the NJ Turnpike.Goethals bridge from the NJ Turnpike Go to location "Goethals bridge from the NJ Turnpike"
  12. View of the NJ Turnpike over the MeadowlandsNJ Turnpike in the Meadowlands Go to location "NJ Turnpike in the Meadowlands"
  13. Old Hydro-Pruf factory, as seen from the I-95.Old Hydro-Pruf factory Go to location "Old Hydro-Pruf factory"
  14. Some factory
  15. Lamp posts
  16. Plane taking off
  17. View of the Statue of Liberty, as seen from the I-95 at Newark Airport.
  18. Sign for "Exit 13" of the NJ Turnpike.Exit 13 sign Go to location "Exit 13 sign"
  19. "Drive Safely" on the side of a storage cylinder."Drive Safely" storage cylinder Go to location ""Drive Safely" storage cylinder"
  20. View of Port Newark.
  21. View of some industrial chimneys.View of chimneys Go to location "View of chimneys"
  22. View of the General Pulaski Skyway, probably from the Lincoln Highway south of it.General Pulaski Skyway Go to location "General Pulaski Skyway"
  23. View of the Bayway Refinery from the south.Bayway Refinery Go to location "Bayway Refinery"
  24. More industry
  25. Lincoln Highway Bridge over the Hackensack River.Lincoln Highway bridge Go to location "Lincoln Highway bridge"
  26. View of the NJ Turnpike from the General Pulaski Skyway.View of a bridge Go to location "View of a bridge"
  27. Tony drives on the Pulaski SkywayGeneral Pulaski Skyway Go to location "General Pulaski Skyway"
  28. Railroad bridgeRailroad bridge Go to location "Railroad bridge"
  29. View of the Sacred Heart Basilica Cathedral in Newark, as seen from I-280 in the south-west.Sacred Heart Basilica Cathedral Go to location "Sacred Heart Basilica Cathedral"
  30. View of a rail yardRail yard Go to location "Rail yard"
  31. The MeadowlandsRoad trough the Meadowlands Go to location "Road trough the Meadowlands"
  32. Another bridge?
  33. Valley Landscape Inc. and Sunoco signValley Landscape Inc. and Sunoco sign Go to location "Valley Landscape Inc. and Sunoco sign"
  34. Unknown building
  35. Wilson Carpet guyWilson Carpet guy Go to location "Wilson Carpet guy"
  36. View of an overpass?
  37. View of the cemetaryCemetery (Intro) Go to location "Cemetery (Intro)"
  38. Pulaski savingsPulaski savings Go to location "Pulaski savings"
  39. Satriale'sSatriale's Go to location "Satriale's"
  40. Tony drives through Jersey CitySidewalk from intro Go to location "Sidewalk from intro"
  41. PizzalandPizzaland Go to location "Pizzaland"
  42. Unknown building
  43. Random houses 1
  44. Houses in KearnyVarious houses Go to location "Various houses"
  45. Random houses 2
  46. Random houses 3
  47. Houses in Cedar GroveHouses near an intersection Go to location "Houses near an intersection"
  48. Unknown out-of-focus shot
  49. Tony drives close to home.Road (intro) Go to location "Road (intro)"
  50. Soprano residenceSoprano house Go to location "Soprano house"