The Sopranos location guide

Your guide to over 510 filming locations for the HBO series The Sopranos.

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Latest locations

  1. Christopher's mother's house

    In real life: Parkside Gardens
    Christopher's mother's house» Go to location
  2. Garden center

    In real life: Eisele's Nursery & Garden Center
    Garden center» Go to location
  3. Gloria Trillo's house

    In real life: The Grove, Cedar Grove
    Gloria Trillo's house» Go to location
  4. Diner (4x01)

    In real life: Versailles Diner, Fairfield
    Diner (4x01)» Go to location
  5. Outside a store

    In real life: 6 E Camden St, Hackensack
    Outside a store» Go to location
  6. Little Carmine's house

    In real life: House on Mark Dr, Atlantic Beach, NY
    Little Carmine's house» Go to location

A note on spoilers

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I have tried to give special care for funeral and graveyard scenes and not show any details of the dead person in those scenes.