This website would be a lot emptier without these websites and people, so thank you all!


Jerry Treacy
54 locations, pointer to two locations, confirmation of one location, more scenes for two locations
John L
Eight locations, confirmation of one location, more scenes for two locations
Tony Hoffarth
Seven locations and confirmation of two others
John Watt
Six locations
Stefano Muscas
Five locations
Three locations, update on another location
Vincent Fleury
Two locations in Paris
Henrik ├śrsted
Two locations in the Naples area
Chris Obara
Two locations from season 6
Glenn Estersohn
Two locations from the intro sequence
Michael Sobol
Two locations: the snowy street in 5x13 and a basketball court in 4x02
Rebecca Sonta
Various scenes at Clifton High School, location of a road in 4x12
Owen Plofker
Two locations from 1x12
Nicholas Minhall
Comley Trucking location
John Rigby
Location of the River Cafe
Michael Falzarano
Providence location
Adam Droubi
Location of the construction site in 5x09
Michael Tullo
Location of the park in 3x01
Charlie Toone
Location of one scene in 2x13
Location of the restaurant in 1x05
Location of Silvio's house
Diane F.
Location of Ralphie's apartment in 3x06
Johnelle DeSimone
Location of the restaurant in 5x08
Simon Darvill
Location of the chimneys from the opening sequence
Location of the hospital in 1x04
Joan Marie Scalera
Location of the diner from 6x14
Location of the college in 4x04
Location of the Esplanade in 4x12
Wayne Wolverton
Location of the school in 5x13
Frank Farro
Location of Carmela's parents' house
Location of Peter's hardware
Location of the roadside restaurant in 3x13
Mike Casale
Location of the bar in 6x13
Location of the airport in 4x12
Justin Metcalf
Location of the diner in 4x07
Tara Yokos
Location of the construction site in 6x12
Bill Daly
Location of the dam in 6x21
Jim Nicoletti
Location of the Boris D. Schapiro Recreation and Community Center in 6x12
Andreina Baiano
Location of the tunnel in Naples
Anthony Giorgio
Location of Junior's house
Ryan Smyth
Location of "Houses near an intersection"
Location of the Flatbush bikini shoppe
Daniela Jorge
Location of the fish market
Location of the bridal shop
Benjamin Weisholtz
Location of the diner in 4x01
Harry Thomson
Location of the gardening store in 1x04
Aaron Forste
Location of the Anthony Wayne motel
Michelle Aliberto
Location of Park Cinema
J. Jeffries
Location of AJ's counselor's office
Joe Antenucci
Location of Meadow's driving practice parking lot
Bill King
Location of the bar in 4x08
Tiffany Russo
Location of Kim's laundry
Christine Anderson
Location of the college building in 6x18
Matt Cohen
Location of the restaurant in 5x04
Susan & Bas
Location of the restaurant in 6x15
Max Temnogorod
Location of Rusty's house
Nnandan Ssawant/Trale Tevis
Location of Rusty's house
Location of the gym in 4x03
Nick Surgent
Location of the city safehouse
Greg Donohue
Location of the tavern in 5x12
Location of Meadow's new apartment
Donald Fair
Location of the restaurant in 4x06
Ivan Budilov
Location of the desert scene in 6x18
Tyler Reeve
Location of a road in 6x10
Pete R
Location of Adriana walking her dog
Doug Smith
Location of the road through the fields in 4x11
Location of the drug dealer's house in 1x04
Brad Schwartz
More precise location of Zellman's house
Correction of the Bronx Zoo location
Lynne Ferrigno
Correction of the baseball stadium location in 5x03
Correction of the highway location in 3x05
Gus Schirach
Identification of several Verbum Dei scenes
Robert Marino
Correction of Hotel Excelsior
Mike Bertel
Correction of Phil's house

Specific websites

Official Sopranos website
opening credits
New Jersey Online
season 1 and 2
Various locations, such as Furio's house, the New Hampshire town and Vito's motel (6x11)
The Sopranos "On Location"
Various locations, such as the Searchlight Diner and Meadow's Coach's house
Internet Movie Database
Various locations, such as a wedding party (1x08), Newark church (4x07) and Chikamauga Raceway
Soprano Sue's Sightings
Some locations, but mostly pointers to locations
Two locations (Wycoff Center, Supermarket)
The Hub
Location of "Whitecaps" (4x13)
Location of the Costco (6x11)
Location of Carmela's spec house
The South Brooklyn Network
Location of the Sacrimoni church
New York Times
Location of the Columbia University library (3x06)
News 12 Networks
Location of the AA meeting (6x06)

General websites

Allowed locations to be confirmed by photos from users
Google Streetview
Allowed locations to be confirmed by panoramic photos
Bing Bird's eye view
Allowed locations to be confirmed by bird's eye view photos
Google Images
Allows uploading of images to search for matches. I found the hospital in 2x09 using this method.