The Sopranos location guide

Your guide to over 480 filming locations for the HBO series The Sopranos.

If you have information on unknown locations, or additions to known locations, please let me know! Leave a message using the Contact form and if your information is used, you will be mentioned on the Credits page.

Latest locations

  1. Devon St. corner

    In real life: Devon St. & Wilson Ave, Kearny
    Devon St. corner» Go to location
  2. Junior's house

    In real life: 380 Highland Ave, Newark
    Junior's house» Go to location
  3. Naples tunnel

    In real life: Tunnel della Vittoria, Naples, Italy
    Naples tunnel» Go to location

A note on spoilers

Episode details may contain spoilers. As such, I advise you not to visit episode details for episodes you haven't seen yet. I try not to have spoilers on images, so it should be safe to visit location details, if it appears in (an) episode(s) you have seen already. If the location only appears in (an) episode(s) you haven't seen yet, I advise you not to look at it.
I have tried to give special care for funeral and graveyard scenes and not show any details of the dead person in those scenes.

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